Learn Defensive Driving with Our Online Driver Safety Course

Written by Marleen González-Hernández, M.A.

An online driver safety course, also known as a defensive driving class, has valuable benefits in addition to helping you become a safer driver. New York Safety Council offers a DMV-approved driver safety course that helps you reduce points on your driving record and lower your insurance rate.

Our mission is to save you money and prepare you to avoid collisions and on-the-road hazards. If you received points on your driving record after a recent ticket in New York, you can reduce up to four points by completing the course. This could protect you from a license suspension and other penalties.

Course graduates can also receive a guaranteed 10% insurance discount by submitting a course certificate to their insurance provider. The discount will last three years, and you can retake the course as often as you like to renew your discount.

The best part about our online driver safety course is the convenience. You can train at your own pace and complete the course using any device!

What Makes Our Defensive Driving Course Special?

Reasons you should take this course include:

Perks of Online Driver Safety Training: Many Ways to Save

Perhaps you want to avoid points on your record after a speeding ticket or another violation. Or maybe you want to acquire safe driving skills to avoid costly accidents. Either way, an online driver safety course is the smartest thing you can do to build safe driving skills, protect your driving record and save money.

Our online defensive driving class can help you avoid:

  • Spending hours in a classroom course
  • Driving to and from class
  • Getting your driver's license suspended or revoked
  • Dangerous accidents
  • Missing out on a guaranteed 10% insurance discount
  • Expensive vehicle repairs or replacement after a crash

Throughout the course, you'll learn techniques and strategies that are proven to make you a safer driver. Another benefit of an online driver safety course is you can avoid spending hours in a classroom and commuting to and from class.

You'll enjoy more flexibility and convenience because you can sign in and start the course immediately after registering. You can connect to the course from any device, and you can set your own schedule and train at your own pace.

You will have 30 days to complete the class after signing up. After you pass the course, we will automatically report your completion to the DMV and mail you a certificate that you can provide to your insurance provider for a 10% discount. The DMV will process your point reduction automatically.

Become a More Skilled Driver

After completing the online driver safety course, you will have improved knowledge of safe driving skills, accident prevention techniques and New York traffic laws.

Our DMV-approved defensive driving course helps you take your driving skills to a new level by refreshing your knowledge of the following:

  • Accident avoidance skills
  • Distracted driving risks
  • Sharing the road
  • Highway safety
  • New York traffic laws
  • Dangers of DUI and road rage
  • Safe following distances
  • How speed affects stopping time
  • And more

The knowledge and skills you gain from the course will help you improve your driving and keep yourself and your loved ones safe on the road. Don't wait any longer to enjoy the benefits of online driver safety training; take advantage of our New York Defensive Driving course and start driving with confidence today!