About Online Accident Prevention Training

The online New York Defensive Driving Course refreshes your knowledge of traffic laws and teaches safe driving strategies that help you minimize risks on the road. This New York DMV-approved course is also known as the Internet Point and Insurance Reduction Program (IPIRP).

Upon completion of this 5.5-hour driver improvement course, the DMV will reduce up to four points from your driving record, and you will qualify for a mandatory 10% car insurance discount for three years. You can retake defensive driving courses every 18 months for point reduction and every three years to renew your discount.

Course topics on accident prevention include:

  • New York traffic laws
  • Common causes of traffic incidents
  • Consequences of impaired driving
  • How to share the road
  • Defensive driving skills

You can complete this accident prevention course online using any device with access to the internet. This format lets you log on and off as needed without losing your progress. Once you register for training, you have 30 days to complete the course.

After you have successfully completed the course, we will electronically report your information to the DMV for point reduction. We will also mail you a certificate of completion, which you can send to your insurance provider to save 10% off the base rate of your liability, no-fault and collision premiums. Your certificate will arrive in 10-14 business days, and we offer expeditated shipping for an additional fee.

Who Needs the New York Defensive Driving Course?

This NYS DMV-approved defensive driving course is designed for New York drivers seeking to reduce traffic violation points on their record and receive a guaranteed discount on their auto insurance rate.

To qualify for point reduction, you must have received the violation and points no more than 18 months before you complete the course. Points can be reduced once every 18 months. The DMV will reduce no more than four points in any 18-month period.

By completing this state-approved driver improvement course, you will receive a mandatory 10% insurance reduction for three years. You can retake the course every three years to renew your insurance discount.

How Does the Point and Insurance Reduction Program Work?

After you finish training and pass each section quiz, we will report your course completion to the DMV. The active point total on your record will automatically be reduced by up to 4 points. Your points and violations will not be completely removed from your driving record, but the reduced points will not count toward penalties such as a license suspension or revocation.

The course includes a minimum of 270 minutes of learning, not including the quizzes. You must complete your training within 30 calendar days of registering for the course.

Additional details about the program can be found on our Defensive Driving FAQs page.

Course Details

The New York Defensive Driving Courses equip drivers with knowledge to protect themselves and others on the road. Our training is an accident prevention course that encourages drivers to be safer and more confident behind the wheel.

The NYS DMV requires defensive driving courses to use identity validation techniques to ensure that you are the only person who participates in your training. This course uses two fast and simple types of identity validation: security questions and voice biometrics.

Once you have logged into the online defensive driving course, you will be prompted to answer a series of personal security questions. The same questions will appear on your screen at various times throughout the course, and you will have 45 seconds to answer each question correctly. If you fail to answer a question correctly after three tries, you will be locked out of the course and required to re-register.

Voice biometrics requires you to provide a voice sample to confirm your identity. When you begin the online course, you will be prompted to call a phone number, enter your unique student ID and read a series of numbers that appear on your screen. You will call back at several checkpoints throughout the course to provide new voice samples that must match your original sample. Due to DMV requirements, you will be locked out of the course and required to re-register if you fail two voice sample checks.

If you experience any technical difficulties with identity validation throughout the course, please contact our support team for assistance.

Testing Requirements

Our NYS DMV-approved course contains four learning modules, and there is no final exam. Each module ends with a five-question quiz. You must pass all four module quizzes to receive the point and insurance reduction benefits.

Quiz questions are multiple choice, and you have 5 minutes to earn a passing score of 75%. You have up to three attempts to pass each quiz. If you fail any quiz three times in a row, you will be locked out of the course. To continue, you will be required to register for the course again and restart your training.

The NYS DMV requires the defensive driving course to include a minimum of 5 hours and 30 minutes of education, not including the quizzes. While this is the minimum required time, it may take you longer to complete the course.

After you successfully pass each quiz and meet the course's minimum time requirement, we will electronically report your course completion to the DMV. We will also mail you an official certificate printed on watermarked security paper within 7-10 business days. Faster delivery methods are available for an additional fee.

Course Outline

The New York Defensive Driving Course includes four learning modules:

Module 1

  • Introduction
  • Traffic Crash Problems
  • DWI and Other Hazardous Acts
  • Aggressive Driving and Road Rage

Module 2

  • Psychological Factors
  • Driving Distractions
  • DWI Prevention
  • Blood Alcohol Concentration
  • Legal and Financial Consequences
  • Avoiding Impaired Driving

Module 3

  • Crash Dynamics
  • Safety Equipment
  • Watching the Road
  • Following and Stopping Distances
  • Vehicle Emergencies and Sharing the Road
  • Intersections and Roadways

Module 4

  • New York Traffic Laws
  • Traffic Signals and Signs
  • Streets and Intersections
  • School Buses and Emergency Vehicles

Each course module ends with a brief quiz. You must pass each quiz and spend at least 5.5 hours in the course to qualify for point and insurance reduction.

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