Most New York drivers are familiar with the frustrations of getting a traffic ticket. Driving violations often result in a point penalty on your record, which could eventually lead to a driver license suspension. Traffic tickets can also cause your insurance prices to escalate through the roof.

But did you know you can take an online defensive driving course to protect your driving record from point penalties and get a guaranteed 10% insurance discount for three years? In addition, you'll learn effective driving techniques that help you avoid accidents and stay safe on the road.

Getting a ticket can be especially frustrating when the cause is something that seems out of your control, such as extreme weather, encounters with aggressive drivers, an unexpected obstacle on the road or a mechanical problem with your car.

Although avoiding unexpected circumstances is challenging, defensive driving courses equip you with skills and techniques to anticipate and avoid dangerous situations. The best part is you can take our NYS DMV-approved course online using any device.

Benefits of Defensive Driving Courses and What They Can Do for You

Defensive driver training provides a number of excellent benefits, especially after you receive a traffic ticket. But you can also take the course voluntarily at any time to improve your driving skills and earn an easy insurance discount. Here are three of the top reasons why you should sign up for an online driver safety class.

1. Sharpen Your Driving Skills

Accidents may seem like they happen out of nowhere and are completely unavoidable. But the truth is that anyone can develop safe driving skills and habits that greatly reduce the likelihood of getting in a crash.

The easiest and most convenient way to sharpen your skills is to take our online and NYS DMV-approved Defensive Driving course.

Our program will teach you important accident-avoidance techniques, such as scanning the road, keeping proper distance from other vehicles, coming to a safe stop and avoiding aggressive driving and road rage.

Become a better driver with top-notch refresher training on New York traffic laws and safe driving strategies. You'll learn skills that boost your confidence on the road, whether you're driving on a high-speed highway, through narrow streets or across dangerous intersections.

2. Save Money on Car Insurance

Our online course not only trains you to stay safe on the road, but also helps you save money on your insurance bill.

After you complete the course, we'll mail you a certificate of completion to send to your insurance company for a mandatory 10% discount on your insurance rate. The discount is valid for three years, and it is applied to the base rate of your collision, no-fault and liability premiums.

Once you receive your certificate, simply contact your insurance company and ask how to submit it and redeem your discount. You can even retake the course every three years to renew your discount!

3. Reduce Points on Your Driving Record

An online driver safety class is the best way to protect your driving record after receiving a traffic ticket. New York uses a point system that adds points to your driving record when you get a ticket. The number of points varies depending on the violation. If you accumulate 11 or more points in an 18-month period, the DMV can suspend or revoke your license.

Fortunately, our New York Defensive Driving course provides point reduction benefits that can help you avoid these penalties. If you elect to take the course after getting a ticket, you can reduce up to four points on your record. The ticket and points aren't actually removed from your record, but the DMV will not count them toward your current point total.

We electronically provide a report to the DMV once you successfully finish your course. The DMV system processes your point reduction automatically, so there's no need to provide a certificate or visit the DMV office in person.

Start Your Defensive Driving Course Today

Safe driving courses provide serious benefits, but the greatest of all is the peace of mind that you gained skills and knowledge that are proven to help you avoid accidents and other dangerous situations. In as little as 5.5 hours of training, you could reduce your point total, earn an insurance discount and learn crucial skills to keep you and your loved ones safe on the road.