New York Online Traffic School

Written by Staff Writer

In New York, you can attend traffic school at home. Motorists can enroll online and get all the same benefits as in-person defensive driving training — without setting foot in a classroom.

Find out more about the benefits of defensive driving training and how easy it is to enroll in a state-approved course online.

What Is Traffic School?

Traffic school is more than a general term for drivers ed. In the Empire State, it refers to a defensive driving course approved by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYS DMV) under the Internet Point and Insurance Reduction Program (IPIRP). Programs are available in person or online.

All NY defensive driving courses teach important lessons in road safety, state laws and good habits designed to make you a safer, more responsible motorist. But driver improvement isn't the only reason to enroll. There are several additional benefits available to motorists under IPIRP.

Benefits of Defensive Driving Training

Completing a NYS DMV-approved program can help you stay on the road after one too many violations and save you a tidy sum on your insurance premiums. The skills training is important, but that isn't the only reason to sign up.

Point Reduction

If you earn more than 11 points on your driver's license in any 18-month period, you could lose it. Completing an approved course qualifies you for a point reduction. Each time you retake the program, the DMV will reduce up to four points from your record.

The Internet Point and Insurance Reduction Program only reduces the total number of points on your license. You can't actually remove the tickets or violations from your record, but up to four eligible points won't count toward the 11-point suspension limit.

Only citations from the last 18 months are eligible for a point reduction. You can't save point reductions for future tickets. Points cannot be reduced below zero.

The Point System

NYS DMV uses the Driver Violation Point System to keep track of offenses. If you are convicted of any moving violation, the New York DMV adds points to your record.

Each violation, from speeding tickets to running a red light, has a point value. Improper passing will cost you three points, while failing to stop for a school bus is a five-point violation.

Speeding tickets, one of the most common violations, add more points depending on how much faster than the speed limit you travel. You can see those point values in the table below.

MPH Over the Posted Limit License Points
1-10 3
11-20 4
21-30 6
31-40 8
41+ 11

Successfully completing an approved program will reduce the current total of points on your record by up to four points. Remember, only violations from the last 18 months are eligible for point reduction.

Every time you finish the program, you get to reduce points from your record. You can repeat your training every 18 months to receive point reduction benefits. If you find yourself accumulating points, taking a NYS DMV-approved course may be the only way to keep your license.

License Suspension and Revocation

Any driver who accumulates at least 11 points in any 18-month period faces license suspension or revocation. Racking up points isn't the only way to lose your license, but it only takes a few tickets to put your license at risk.

There is a difference between suspension and revocation. When your driver's license is suspended, you are temporarily barred getting behind the wheel. Depending on whether your suspension is definite (a set length of time) or indefinite (as long as it takes for you to take a required action), you will be back on the road as soon as your suspension ends.

When the DMV revokes your license, you lose your driving privileges entirely. The only way to get your license back is to start over. NYS DMV usually requires approval before you can earn a new license. If your license is revoked, you will need to contact the DMV to find out what you need to do to get it reinstated.

To avoid license suspension or revocation, enroll every time you see four or more points on your record. If you're not sure how many points are on your license, make sure to request your record from the DMV to check.

Insurance Discounts

On top of the driver development and point reduction, you can also save 10% on your insurance premiums.

Once you complete the lessons, you can send your certificate of completion to your insurer for a mandatory 10% discount on your liability, no-fault and collision premiums. This discount lasts for three years.

Saving money is one of the best reasons to attend driving lessons. Not only does it make you a safer driver, it also leaves you extra money in your budget each month. If you want to keep saving money, you can repeat the program every 36 months to refresh the discount.

Online Training Benefits

Traffic school offers so many benefits that everyone should enroll. That doesn't mean you have to clear room in your schedule to drive to a classroom for in-person lessons. You can train 100% online!

Online defensive driving courses provide all the benefits of in-person instruction from the comfort of your own home. Train whenever and wherever you want and access lesson material from any device.

Online programs cover the same material, offer the same lessons and provide the full benefits of classroom programs under the Point and Insurance Reduction Program. Completing an eligible online course qualifies you to reduce up to four points on your license and receive a 10% insurance discount, just like in-person classes.

NYS DMV-Approved Online Training

The NYS DMV requires at least five hours and 30 minutes of instruction. You can complete our program in about six hours.

There isn't a final exam, but our program does include several small quizzes to help you engage with lesson content and master important skills and knowledge.

All approved providers are listed on the NYS DMV website. New York Safety Council offers an approved course. Once you register, you have 30 days to complete it.

After you finish, we report your completion to the DMV. You don't have to do anything. We handle all the paperwork electronically.

We will report your completion within a week. After that, the DMV processes the notification. It can take up to 10 weeks to appear on your record.

To get the 10% insurance discount from your insurer, you must send them a certificate of completion. We provide a mailed certificate printed on watermarked security paper. Your certificate will be delivered by the USPS in about seven to 10 days, or you could purchase expedited shipping if you need your certificate sooner.


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