Finding a Driving School Online

Written by Staff Writer

The state of New York allows motorists to complete driver education courses online. That means you can finish the mandatory five-hour pre-licensing course or enroll in a defensive driving course without paying for in-person classes.

Whether you're a brand-new motorist or a seasoned pro behind the wheel, finding an online driving school that's just right for you can be difficult. Find out which drivers ed courses you can take over the internet and how to select a program that meets your needs.

Eligible Training

There are two major kinds of driver education in New York state. While both are useful, they are designed for very different situations.

The first is a basic drivers ed program all first-time motorists must complete before applying for a license. The second is an advanced safety curriculum, which offers several important benefits — even for an experienced driver.


If you've never had a license before, you must pass a pre-licensing class before you take your road test.

The 5-Hour Pre-Licensing Course is a broad primer on critical road skills, traffic laws and highway habits. All first-time applicants, from age 16 to 61 and beyond, must pass an approved training course before they can operate a motor vehicle.

Defensive Driving

The Point and Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP) is a voluntary incentive program offered by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYS DMV). You may know it by any of several informal names, including traffic school and driver safety. These lessons teach advanced safety techniques and provide students with additional perks.

If you complete an approved Defensive Driving Course, you earn a mandatory 10% discount on your auto insurance premiums for three years. Those savings add up quickly, making this training an efficient cost-saving tool.

Also, you can reduce the total penalty value on your license by up to four points. You can take another four points off your record every 18 months by repeating the class — if eligible.

Online Learning Benefits

There are plenty of good reasons to skip in-person instruction. Choosing an internet-based learning experience is more convenient and easier on your pocketbook. Reap all the benefits of digital learning with a high-quality, internet-based learning platform.

Choose Your Own Schedule

In-person classes have set schedules and mandatory attendance. You have to show up at a specific time to a specific place, week after week. Virtual instruction is much more flexible. You get full control of your education with 24/7 access from any device with an internet connection. You can split your lessons up over a few weeks or complete them all in a single weekend.

Skip the Paperwork

New York won't know you passed the class without official documentation. We report your final completion directly. Don't wait for a certificate of completion or deal with sending it to your nearest DMV records office.

You don't have to lift a finger after you finish our program. The DMV receives, processes and posts your success without so much as a single form or phone call.

Picking Your Provider

Choose carefully! The best providers offer easy-to-understand, high-quality lessons taught by experienced instructors. Choose a company that will prepare you for the very worst the road has to offer by giving you the very best education available.

New York Safety Council is a leading provider of online drivers ed. We offer engaging, informative courses for motorists of all ages. We can help you prepare for your first license, take a few points off your record or learn how to change a tire.

Our drivers ed and safety courses are NYS DMV-approved, satisfying New York's rigorous training standards. Our lessons comply with all curriculum requirements to qualify you for pre-licensing and PIRP benefits. We report your completion to the state as soon as you finish all lesson modules.

Start your driver education today!