Find an Online Defensive Driver Course

Written by Mary Salatino

Let us be your guide to navigating New York defensive driving training options. We'll empower you with the insights needed to make an informed decision. Improve your skills, reduce points on your license and save money as you learn more about safe driving in New York.

If you're searching for a program that allows you to satisfy state requirements for the Point and Internet Reduction Program (PIRP) 100% online, look no further. Our New York Safety Council Defensive Driving online course is an approved Internet Point and Insurance Reduction Program (IPIRP) offering a comprehensive and user-friendly training platform, all at your own pace.

Choosing Your Course

When you're ready to find an online defensive driving class, it's important to consider several key factors to ensure you choose the best option for your needs. Here's what makes ours the best option:

  • State approval: Our workshop is fully approved by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYS DMV), ensuring that you meet all legal requirements for the state's insurance and point reduction program.
  • Content: Our NYS DMV-approved curriculum covers important topics, including safe practices, road laws and accident prevention techniques. Lesson modules cover all state-required topics.
  • Interactivity: Experience interactive activities, quizzes and multimedia elements, making the educational journey engaging and effective.
  • Self-paced learning: Learn at your own pace. Train according to your schedule and preferences. Personalize your experience for maximum convenience.
  • Cost: We're competitively priced and transparent. You pay the price you see with no hidden fees. Make a wise investment in education to save 10% on your insurance for three full years.
  • Completion certificate: Instantly download your certificate upon completion. This certificate serves as proof of your accomplishment when claiming your insurance discount. We report your completion directly to the state. Skip the wait and the paperwork.

Who Needs Defensive Driving?

Defensive driving focuses on preventing accidents while also preparing drivers to respond effectively during unexpected situations. Regardless of your experience, investing in this training can help you become a safer, more responsible driver, contributing to road safety for all.

Beginners can complete this training to go beyond basic education and learn extra safety and responsibility on the road. Experienced drivers can refresh their knowledge and adapt to changing road laws. Those looking to reduce insurance premiums or reduce points from their license can also take this course to earn PIRP benefits.

This experience is also essential for commercial drivers, parents and individuals who wish to prioritize safety and become more conscientious drivers.

Benefits of Defensive Driving

In addition to becoming a better driver and increasing road safety, completing defensive driving training can also allow you to save money on your auto insurance premiums and reduce points from your license.

More Money in Your Budget

Completion of an NYS DMV-approved training can lead to substantial savings on your auto insurance premiums. Insurance providers are required by law to offer a 10% discount to drivers who successfully complete an accredited course.

IPIRP entitles you to a mandatory discount on your liability premiums for 36 months after you submit your certificate of completion. This reduction in premiums adds up to significant long-term cost savings.

Reduce Traffic Violations

Completing New York defensive driving school allows you to reduce points from your driver's license. Accumulated points on your record can result in increased insurance rates, potential license suspension or even the revocation of your operating privileges. If you earn 11 or more points in any 18-month period, a defensive driving course may be the only way to keep your license.

Each time you finish an approved traffic school program, the DMV reduces four eligible points from your driving record. While these points remain on your record, course completion ensures that they won't contribute to further driver penalties or negatively impact your motorist privileges.

Repeat for More Benefits

You can repeat your training every 18 months to reduce another four eligible points. You can take the class again every 36 months to refresh your insurance discount.

Why You Should Train Online

Take a defensive driving course online to enjoy perks including convenience, flexibility and the added benefit of easily satisfying PIRP training requirements. Ditch the classroom hassle and learn at your own pace, on your own time and from anywhere with internet access.

Online Training Benefits

  • Any-time access: Say goodbye to rigid class schedules and commutes to training centers. Say hello to the freedom of 24/7 accessibility from any internet-connected device.
  • Save on extra costs: You pay less for online learning, not just with a lower price on the course itself, but also by skipping transportation expenses such as gas and parking.
  • IPIRP eligibility: New York's state program has an online counterpart, called the Internet Point and Insurance Reduction Program. You get the same NYS DMV-approved benefits without leaving the house.
  • Self-paced learning: Learn at your own pace — spend more time on challenging topics and breeze through sections where you're already proficient. You can even go back and revisit lessons to refresh your understanding.
  • Individual support: You can contact us at any time for help. We offer email and Live Chat support to answer your questions.

Get Started

You can enjoy all these benefits and more — right now! Sign up for SafeMotorist's New York Defensive Driving Course Online to start learning today. It's never been easier to become a better driver and take advantage of the benefits of the Point and Insurance Reduction Program.

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